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Anyone else is experiencing empty data on Earnings?

At Earning section the following sections have 0 value:

Net Income
Used for Purchases
Pending Clearance
Available for Withdrawal

I have checked on mobile and desktop, results are the same!


Yes, I have that too. Was about to post this on the forum. So it’s yet another bug… It’s 0 everywhere… Did you contact customer support?

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Haven’t contacted the support yet, wanted to know first time if anyone else has the same problem.

yes i face this same issues

Same here. Nothing to be alarmed as this definitely is a temporary glitch. They’ll fix it soon :slight_smile:

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its everybody, seems its a glitch

Same here! hope they’ll fix it soon

This is quite the glitch. I understand having the notifications problematic, but messing with the earned amounts is very challenging. Hopefully they fixed it soon.

Same here , :sleepy: another minor bug

Same here…I just saw it today and there was no pending balance figure shown in the sections. I think its again a different bug. :thinking:

For the past few days, I can’t talk to my buyer thorugh inbox. I have opened a ticket for it but it is taking quite longer to get resolved. Anybody having problem with the inbox system?:disappointed: I have to make a custom order for my client.


yes same problem…i think its a bug. they will fix it soon.

Notification problem seems to have solved now. I just noticed this and I’m sure it will be fixed soon.

same. contacted support.
It also can’t let seller rate back the buyer after the buyer rated seller.

I noticed the rating thing, but it works on mobile apps.

The earnings issue is still persisting for now, hopefully they fix it soon.

Yup same issue here.

Just tried on mobile app, it now display ‘Something went wrong…’.

Another day another bug. :neutral_face:
Everything was fine a few moments ago. Now everything is 0 except available for withdrawal.
Same thing on app as well.

I don’t even have withdrawal, as I withdrew yesterday. But none of the money I earned in the past 2 weeks or the pending stuff is showing, everything is 0.

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Same for me as well, obviously a glitch, I’m sure they’ll fix it soon.

These balances were there earlier today because i just withdraw to my payments this morning.

This glitch/bug started about an hour ago.