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Anyone else *like* the fact that it shows # reviews for the past 60 days?

I think it makes browsing gigs easier. When I used to comparison shop to see what others are charging for my service, it was hard to know if the seller is even doing business until after I clicked the gig.

now I can see how well they’ve done over time, as well as how many sales recently, without even opening the gig.

:man_shrugging: I think that’s kinda cool.


That’s a very interesting way of seeing it. :+1: I hope the buyers realize these changes soon too. I am sure the experienced buyers would definitely spot these changes. But there is a chance for the new-sellers to get confused by this (and they might not even end up seeing the lifetime reviews of a seller).

It also severely debilitates people who get bulk orders. There are sellers out there who get only 3 or 4 orders in a span of 60 days… And yet, end up making 10x more money than those sellers who get 50 orders (of $5 each) over the same span of 60 days. This change makes those sellers with bulk orders look like noobs.

But, hey! There was a post by a forum member earlier today… in which they said they had noticed that Fiverr had rolled back these changes and that they are now able to see only the lifetime reviews on sellers’ gig listings. I think we need more people to confirm that though :wink:


Not cool on my side! What if a person provides quality or has big jobs that he completes 5-10 orders only in last 60 days


I just asked customer support if this was the new policy and they indicated they see the total number of reviews and I need to clear my cache.

I am a little confused by this. I don’t know if this is a bug, some problem with my computer, or a new policy of only showing reviews from the last 60 days.

Customer support said they refreshed my gig and I need to contact them again soon if I still see this.

My gigs with hundreds of reviews show only a few reviews in the listings.

Can anyone confirm one way or the other what is going on please?


From what we’ve seen on the forum lately, there may be split testing happening. Different people see different things. For example, I still see total # of reviews on every profile I look at, but many people report that they see only reviews for the past 60 days. To my knowledge, there has been no confirmation from staff regarding the permanence of any changes. Staff has been notified about questions on this topic. They have not indicated that there are any known bugs or glitches either, though, so I have to assume for now that this is purposeful testing. They often engage in testing without notice, so I wouldn’t call this unusual.


When I look at your gigs I see hundreds of reviews.


Ok that clears it up some. Hopefully they do not implement this permanently. Thanks fonthaunt and lloydsolutions.


Exactomundo! :+1: :smile:

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Seller’s profile: it shows the total amount of reviews that seller has since joining Fiverr.

Seller’s Gigs:

  • Gigs that have sold during the past 60 days: both amount of reviews are shown: last 60 days and lifetime.

  • Gigs that haven’t sold on the last 60 days: just the amount of lifetime reviews is shown.


Very surprising!

I see that you have 26/25/22/2/1/4 reviews for your 6 gigs.


And, I see just the 3 digit lifetime reviews.

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Customer support tells me you can hover your mouse over each number of reviews and it will show the total reviews. I doubt many potential buyers will know to do that.

The number reviews for mine is incorrect.


when I look at yours, the top three have 20+ reviews for the past 60 days, each. They show 800+ all time after hovering.

I don’t think it will take people very long to figure out the hover over.

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I don’t like it either because at this point most of my clients are repeat customers and I work on bigger project so I can easily have 1-2 reviews while actually I’m delivering 10+ orders a month.
I’m not going to ask my returning clients to leave reviews every time. Some order from me every month.

The whole point of doing this was to level out older accounts with PROs.
At first they rounded to 1000+ instead of giving the exact number and when this didn’t work they reduced it to 60days


I don’t know why they are testing this. So sellers who get “tested” are getting penalty over this. Some have reviews of last 60 days when others don’t. And that is hurting sellers a lot. Or they should implement to all of sellers, or none. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t like that they do that, as what’s the point of having thousands of reviews from before as only last 60 days counts?

Remember when they were testing 100+?


I think the older system was better.:blush::slight_smile:

Nothing to do… lets get adapted with the new algorithm

I like the idea of being able to see how active a seller is but the way it is implemented is bad. Most buyers will not understand that it is the last 60 days and will assume it is overall. If the 60 day count was shown on hovering, rather than the other way around I would have no issue with this and I think I might even have asked for something like this in the past.

Essentially what has happened is people’s history has been wiped. Sounds fair in a way because everyone is affected the same, but in reality it isn’t. What I find interesting is that it seems the most important factor in being a Pro (and TRS) is that you must prove yourself with a good track record yet the change makes the history of all other sellers seem unimportant.

At the same time, Fiverr keep promoting Jan as “the Apple Logo guy” but that was a lot longer than 60 days ago. I wonder what he has done in the last 60 days? And Wyclef too - great performer and artist etc but in the last 2 months I have not heard anything new. Yes, I know this is stretching the point a little but the main point is that it seems like a good idea but bad implementation especially for those who do high value, low volume orders or have repeat clients who do not review any more. All elements which Fiverr seem to value highly and push us to do.


Fiverr wants to make the switch from budget buyers to big spenders.

Fiverr won’t switch budget buyers into becoming Pro buyers. A buyer is either one or the other from the beginning.

Someone who wants a $20 logo, or even a $75 one, isn’t going to decide to spend $500 on one.

Let the market decide which type of gig it wants and it will be wise. You cannot manipulate it from one type of buyer to another.


I invite you to read this thread in which we deeply discuss why this change is not cool for anyone, specially for new sellers: