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Anyone else not seeing their orders until they're late?

I have had this happen to me periodically, and it is extremely frustrating. I can’t run a business when I don’t know what’ I have on my plate. I usually scramble now to write 50% of my stuff within 30 minutes of the late triggering (the only notification I receive). I’m really unsure what to do.

I’d say contact CS is the right thing to do at the moment. But you don’t know you have new order because there’s no notification or because the order doesn’t show? If it’s just because of notification, perhaps you could start checking the manage sales page for new orders.

I have not had any go late but have had many that did not show up for at least the first ten hours.

It’s a good practice to also check your email. Even if it doesn’t show in fiverr notifications, it usually shows up in your email. :slight_smile:

Do you have a smart phone? If so, I would suggest downloading the Fiverr app as it will notify you on your phone when you get an order or message from a buyer on the site. It has been a great tool for me! I see my orders as soon as they are placed - on the phone and the site. Not sure what is up with your notifications. What type of operating system are you using? Is it Win10?


I wrote CS, and it’s not every Gig. It’s one certain gig and its not even a regular thing. I will see zero orders in my To Do and no email notifications until either someone does a large order or its late. I’ve thought about deleting that gig, but its my most popular one. I think it’s bugged. CS has asked me lots of questions but never solve it. I worked with a guy (bought from him) who said the same and I have another friend with this issue, who believes it is a certain gig of hers as well. That’s why I asked the question so I can go to CS with more data.

I have a feeling it is gig related and that my gig is bugged.