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Anyone else notice a dip in traffic & sales

Hi everyone,

Has anyone noticed a massive dip in sales? I’ve had about 5 days now with only 2 orders, usually I could have 1-3 a day.

I am a level 2 seller nearly top - but really noticed a terrible dive in sales and I don’t no why.



No, I have noticed an increase in sales over the past few days. We all have our ups and downs. That is a part of being a freelancer and having rotating gig rankings in search. My down was in July.

Also, I have gotten a new competitor selling at the same price point as me since the pandemic started, which has affected my sales somewhat. Maybe you have also gotten new competitors?


Yes i am surving with it now.

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Yeah, I had a few downs but it’s just very unusual to even have no messages or enquiries. Very odd. It will pick up I’m just not used to no Fiverr jobs :slight_smile:

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Your past performance is no indication of your future performance. Even if you generate 2 sales a day eventually that streak will end when demand dies down or new competitors enter the market.

Yeah, its been a week with no work. I have good gig analytics but still no orders even not reviving any messages from buyer.