Anyone else notice?


Starting today, I noticed that “buyer X marked the order as complete” and the notification about the review and how many stars you got, are no longer happening at the same time.

Like I got a notification that an order was marked as complete, a message from my buyer saying how happy she was and that she was happy to accept the delivery then 35 minutes later, I got her review.

I think Fiverr now closes the order as soon as the buyer accepts. Buyers no longer NEED to add a review to close the order out.

So a buyer can theoretically accept a delivery but never submit a review.

Anyone else noticed this today?

Buyer ignore and then marked order as complete

same happen to me few hours ago :no_mouth:


I was about to reply to your post that I haven’t seen anything yet, but then as I was typing this just happened to me lol


What I have noticed is a little different but still puzzling.

I get a review notification and see the review but the amount that should be added to my earnings page does not appear for at least an hour. I have searched to see what happened to the order earnings and they are nowhere to be found for a while. Maybe this is normal, I’m not sure.


Yep. I’ve noticed it since yesterday myself :wink:

And I remember there was a time in the past when buyers could simply mark an order as complete without leaving a review, but then that feature was removed to now see it back in place.

Some buyers will probably mark an order as complete and not leave any review if they don’t want to leave a negative, as it happened in the past, but at the same time there’s the risk of having our review count go down :grimacing:

See? :arrow_up: Review count decreasing in a time when reviews are critical to maintain your level.


If someone wants to post a screenshot of what buyers see that lets them mark an order as complete I would be interested in seeing that.


A buyer marked an order as complete today but did not leave a review.


I’m on it! Asking some of my regular buyers now.


Oh dear lord no, someone tell me this is a bug.


Why would that be a bad thing? We get paid faster if they at least mark it as complete.


This is awesome - people just weren’t leaving reviews, now people can accept without leaving a review.




The only downside I see is the number of reviews decreasing (think lazy people, busy people, or #AintNobodyGotTimeForThat people)


Time will tell if this discourages buyers from reviewing.


And this could be troublesome to some of the sellers trying to raise their rating score up to 4.8.


…or if it forces more sellers to beg for reviews more than every :eyes:


I don’t see this affecting reviews.
Reviews are now really easy to leave, much more so than before. Anyone who was gonna leave a review still will but at least those who don’t might at least mark it complete.



I’ve had 4 completed orders so far today. 2 regular buyers marked as complete with no review (these orders normally auto complete on 3 days) and 2 orders from new buyers in which both left reviews.
Ridiculously small sample size but, I do like having those orders complete now versus later.


My review rate has stayed very steady over time regardless of what has happened, aside from the brief episode when they had to hurdle excess screens and directions.

A well thought out final message to buyers mentioning the importance of a review, where you say that it is a helpful part of the buying experience helps a lot, as long as they had a good experience.

I just hope that place where they can mark the order as complete does not seem like it’s something they can use instead of leaving a review. It would be nice if that came with an automatic “outstanding experience” again.


What on earth makes you think that people will mark the order as complete when they weren’t even bothering to input 3 words to mark the order as complete. From what I can tell, this just reduces the number of people that were actually going to leave a review which will not just mark the order as complete and move on.