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Anyone else noticing new BUGS on Fiverr today?

We might need a spare can of Raid… :stuck_out_tongue:

A couple odd issues that have been happening with my deliveries over the past day:

  • Customers are messaging me saying that they keep trying to leave a review and tip(!) but that they keep receiving an error message from the system
  • For customers that HAVE managed to leave reviews today, every time I try to leave my “thank you” review back, I click submit and then end up back on my To-Do page, with the review still unwritten!
  • My “most recent delivery” clock is totally wrong / arbitrary
  • My most recent reviews from customers are showing up on my Gig pages, but not my main profile.

    Anyone else notice any of these? Any thoughts?

    And yes: I’ve logged out, cleared my cache/cookies, and logged back in =)