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Anyone else struggle with this?

So I got my first sale this week which was exciting, but now I haven’t gotten anything else.

I’ve submitted 39 buyer requests since I’ve joined Fiverr and haven’t landed one deal. My messages are always polite, they began with “good morning” or “good afternoon” and I am straightforward with my services and what they can expect.

My second issue is that sometimes I am contacted by random users looking for some work to be done. They explain what their needs are and ask if I am willing to do it, and then they never respond…

And lastly, there seems to be something strange going on with buyer requests. One time I logged on to see 800, and other times there are only 5 with no new ones all day long.

Obviously, these problems are something that comes with working on Fiverr, but I wanted to know if there are any tips and tricks some of the Fiverr veterans can share.

Thank you!


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Hi, keep at it, it’s hard at the start, but don’t give up. It took me 2 months to get going here, but once I got started, I became a TRS a year after that.

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Thanks writer99025,
As for my case, I have 8 reviews now I do send offers on buyer’s request, I have sent over 68 offers but non has worked for me. Please, is there a way of writing an offer? Please I will want you to show me a sample of offer to buyer’s request.


it’s very hard for new sellers to get their 1st gig. It’s been like 4+ days since i posted my first gig but got Zero orders, still hopeful that i’ll get one very soon. Btw BR is for buyers and i’m seeing so many sellers post their gig under BR, which is against the rules!!!