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Anyone else struggling to increase there statistics after the new update?


So from the past 9-10 days my delivery on time rate and order completion rate is not changing even after submitting all the orders on time without any cancellation.Before it use to Increase 1% after every 2-3 Orders and use to drop 1% if any order is cancelled or delivered rate so I contacted the Fiverr support Team regarding this issue.

They told me something new I never knew about this update Please keep in mind that this statistic measures when you send your final delivery message. Any modification requests from the buyer will extend the delivery time measured in this statistic.

So as mostly 80% of my clients whom I work with usually want to get 3d models of there Ideas or patent products and I usually get 2-3 revision(3-6 days to finalize the order) which is normal since I provide them unlimited revisions because the idea is only finalize once they see the design in 3d.

I hope this will start increasing or I am going to lose my badge by the next evaluation which is on 15th January 2018. I need to increase at least 14% which was possible before but now it seems impossible.

Anyone else is facing this issue or is it only me ?


I have the same issue. For 10 days i replied to messages as soon as i received them but there is no movement on my analytics.


I am struggling to raise my Delivery On Time Stats. It was always 97%+ but we had heavy rain in my city few months back which resulted in alot of cancellations and late deliveries. and it resulted in my “Deliver On Time” to drop down to 65% i have struggling ever since. Even for 3 Day Delivery I delivery in 1-Day just in case they ask for revision and i still do their job. Now my stat is 88% I really hope i cross 90% because if not they will demote me :frowning: