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Anyone Else Watching Euro 2016?


I’m curious about whether anyone else is watching the matches. I am going to find it difficult to stay focused on work with 3 matches per day to watch.
Anyone have any predictions on who will win?
I’m expecting Germany to do it but possibly Belgium.


Yeah, watching it and writing match reports too for every match, Germany and Belgium look good…I would say this could be England’s year…they have waited long enough and finally have a good team.


France look good too…


@writer99025 England have a good team and an idiot for a manager. What was he thinking having kane taking corners against Russia.Next he will have him taking goal kicks. Kane never even got much of a touch to the ball anyway and as soon as they scored he should have taken kane off and bought Vardy on. That match was screaming for him from half time as there was space everywhere, waiting until the end of the match to make substitution as well when everyone up front was stumbling round like zombies… what a donkey. As for Belgium winning this. I don’t think they have much chance as without Kompany, they are not going to do well. Germany will probably win. Again.


Agree, Vardy is a much better player than Kane, especially on current form.


Rooney in midfield makes a lot of sense. Sterling-Vardy-Lallana would be a great front-3.


Nah, England have two wingers as full backs and 2 muppets as wingers. Means a dodgy defence and a lot of wasted running by the full backs as the winger messes it up over and over. Sterling shouldn’t be anywhere near the team, Lallana the same. I would lose both of them and bring Wilshere in as a left sided centre midfielder and let Vardy run the channels on each side. How the EPL Player of the year cannot get into England’s starting 11 is beyond me!


Come on Turkey, don’t let me down!


@writer99025 I knew you would be the first to comment on this post :smiley:






Hungary made 2 goals today :smiley: