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Anyone else? what did you do?

I got a message from a customer asking for a quote for something they wanted done, the message was something like this:

"Hi, this is my third time trying with this product here on fiverr. I’m trying to get a ___ (product) done by this friday, the last 2 sellers I used did A TERRIBLE job at it which I wasn’t at all happy with (see attachment for previous work), Your previews look really nice… are these really made by you or is this like the last 2 sellers ?.. what is your price for something like that, how fast can you do it ?

Looking forward to hearing from you,

___ (Name)"

Now on to my questions

What did / would you do in this type of situation, did / would you accept an offer from a customer like that?

MY ANSWER: I didn’t , I politely refused to work with them, telling them their approach wasn’t really something that I would consider and I hope they’ll find a suitable seller for their project soon!

NOTE: My previews are all made by me and they’re all done here on fiverr, which is also written in the description of the gig and can be checked if you flip through the gallery, these exact same things are in the gallery as well - all originally by me! which brings me to my next point

Some customers merely choose to ignore the gig rules or don’t even read the gig description which will result in a bad experience … of course the seller is blamed for the bad experience, telling them that they’re incapable of doing this, this or that!

let me know your thoughts on this

While I understand where the buyer is coming from–I guess a lot of sellers lie on their portfolio–it does seem a little combative to approach you that way. I’ve turned down working with buyers before because they say they’ve tried “X number of other sellers and they’ve all been awful so you better be great!” Sounds like someone does understand what he’s paying for or is expecting too much and is not willing to pay for it.

I recently had a message from a buyer who said he had been searching for someone to work with for days and had no luck. After he sent me his requirements and I quoted him a price, I saw why he’d been having so much trouble finding someone to work with. He had a huge checklist that needed to be fulfilled for each gig AND he was unwilling to pay for the extra work.

I get that buyers are here looking for cheap services, but our services are already so cheap, that I find it a little baffling when they get all turned up because a design, article, etc. that they paid $5 (or, at the very least, a tiny fraction of what it would cost outside of Fiverr) isn’t on par with something they would pay $500 for. I always try to do my best for each order, but many of us are here to make money, right? That means only so much time can be put into each order.

It’s the approach that sort of made me go “Whoah, hold up”…

This type of negative approach won’t do them any good in the future, like you said, some people have unrealistic expectations for something worth $5, most of my gigs go for 5 bucks and I do my best in each one… the products that I offer here go for about 400 bucks outside fiverr, so they must know that… yet they expect the same results for 5 dollars (4 in our / the sellers case).

I’ve actually had to turn down working with a client AFTER they’ve already ordered from me, twice… reason being: they ordered 3 products and wanted source files for the 3 products, yet they paid for only 1 source file… so the first time, I just did it and thought hey, maybe they won’t come back, but they did… and then they got the nerve to ask for free 24 hour delivery and source files saying “We’re gonna be offering a lot of work, 10 products a week, sometimes more” … I delivered the product, waited for the order to be closed with feedback and then politely told them to not order from me anymore, because I’m not interested in these types of deals and quite frankly I’m over delivering, a 5 dollar order which includes source files and 24 delivery - outrageous.

I’ve had about 15-20 requests where buyers have approached me this way and each time I get that feeling like “ehhhh should I?” where you make the cringy face, sort of like when you drop a cookie on the ground and you consider whether or not you should still eat it.

I always base my decision off the previous attempts, if provided. If it’s crap, I agree to complete the request, makes me look very good ;). If I think the previous work has merit I pass. I don’t want my work to be compared to someones who is up to par but the buyer has deemed it not worthy, for whatever reason that may be. Most of the time though it is half done crap, so I jump at the chance to make them something awesome.

Always good to be cautious though, if the buyer refers to past sellers this way, there is no guarantee that you will be treated any different. It’s also a bit insulting to ask if the previews were made by you, but sadly understandable considering how much fraud goes on around here.

Reply to @accessgirl: Totally agree. I think that’s a a great way to go about it. If the buyer will show you what the previous sellers did, so you can compare it to the work that you would be able to provide for the price, you can decide whether or not you think they would be impressed or angry.