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Anyone ever had luck with a chargeback?

I am wondering about selling more expensive services, but I am worried about chargebacks. Anyone ever had luck with them? Would it help to have the buyer sign a receipt?

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If they chargeback you get screwed period. Doesn’t matter what. Even after they accept and leave a 5 star review. You are out the money.

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In the past year I’ve had very few and gotten repaid for them by customer support every time when I proved I delivered as my description said. If you do what your gig description says and prove it to the satisfaction of CS they MIGHT repay you for it. It still stays on your analytics. As I said, each case is different so your results may vary.


That’s really good to know! I’m glad to read such positive messages!


I think maybe we should petition to CS to create a system for us to respond to chargebacks on our own. I know I could. Their TOS says * Fiverr reviews cases of payment provider chargebacks and disputes on behalf of Sellers. Although results vary per case due to each chargeback reason, we work hard on resolving disputes in the Seller’s favor.

But when I contacted them, they told me there is nothing they can do about chargebacks.

What do you mean by this?

Also, I am offering trademark services where I deliver an electronic trademark filing. So if I have everything clarified in FAQ, CS might repay me?

I meant that it stays on your cancellation rate on the analytics page.

I don’t know one way or the other if they will repay you since each case is different. I did what my gig said it would in the description and delivered as promised on time.

As far as I know the thing that they look at is your description.

Oh thanks for rephrasing. I understand now.

@ngtechandapps You are making an expenditure that is not small to make a trademark filing so you are taking a huge risk that way if there is a chargeback.

Yeah, but hopefully my gig description is good enough for CS. I explain clearly what is delivered in FAQ for buyers, so that’s the only reason I am comfortable with that.

Isn’t that around $500? It’s very iffy when they will and won’t give you a refund for a chargeback. How are you doing that for $100? Oh I see you give them the filled out form. That’s a nice service.

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Yeah, they get an electronic form then submit to the USPTO with payment(usually 225) and electronic signature.

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So do you guarantee it will go through? I would think you would need to include the search with that.

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I can’t guarantee the USPTO examiner will accept it because it takes them about a year for them to fully go over it and complete the registration. But for all of my apps. that I have filed for companies I’ve worked for in the past they went through.

*TBH filing is pretty straightforward, just a few reasons to get rejected, but they don’t just “reject you” they give you an office action and you can rebut it.

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I’ve never had a chargeback. I wonder why some people are so prone to them.

I’m not saying any of these happened in this situation but… It can be either side’s fault. If you’re a customer, chargebacks are like a barrier between you and the dishonest merchants. Which is good if you are the one buying! however, some reasons could be…

Failing to describe what they offer in a gig.
Failing to communicate directly with the customer.
The type of market that attracts certain kinds of people.
The cost. Location and territory can cause flags.
The platform that manages transactions vs the fund’s system (PayPal, bank) and what kind of terms a bank might have against certain companies due to many complaints or previous situations that customers might’ve complained about, etc… Would flag the system.

Or simply just someone who wants some free stuff…

Honestly, there are too many possibilities… But it does matter what, where, when and whom you target and why you are targeting that audience. It’s obviously not easy to look at an online customer and say oh he/she looks like a possible chargeback lol…

But there are signs, and there are methods/places to look… or not to look.

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