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Anyone ever have a buyer that doesn't submit requirements?

Hello! I’ve been on Fiverr since March and I’m a Level One seller.

14 hours ago, I got an order from someone and they still haven’t submitted buyer requirements. Usually, people do it instantly after. I’m obviously just going to wait, but have any of you had this happen before?

Good thing it doesn’t start the order until they submit requirements, though.

Lastly, is 14 hours a big enough difference to send a reminder for filling out the requirements?


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You can choose to wait - buyers often leave it a couple of days before gathering everything they need to submit.

There was a bug a while ago that if you used the nudge button, as it was then, that the countdown timer started anyway, even when you didn’t have everything you needed,

Hope this helps! :sunny:


Oh it happens all the time - I’ve had buyers who never submitted the instructions for over 4 years!

I obviously had to ask CS to cancel those as my gigs had changed a lot through the years and didn’t want to get instructions for orders that I couldn’t deliver anymore.


When you buy a gig and don´t provide the instructions right away, you now also get a notification pop up to do it, if you don´t provide them right away, I ordered something recently and needed a few moments to find a file and it stays in the notifications list too, and since it´s a notification, the tiny pink dot will only go away when the buyer clicks the notification so should be aware they still need to do it.

Since the order only starts when/if they provide the requirements, you don´t have to worry either way. Personally, I´d probably wait longer than 14 hours, taking sleeping, possible timezone difference into account.


A lot.
This is very common here
and fiverr introduce new option

Mark that i have get all requirement

Otherwise on early days i lost $$$ for Nudge offer

its happen all the time try to send your buyer a message and ask him to start the order but from my own xp sometimes when they do that it will show late delivery i dont know why even if they dont start the order

Thanks for all the answers! It’s now been 2 days and still no requirements.