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Anyone ever heard of doing a "kitchen takeover" gig?


I’m new to the forum - looking for anyone who has ever heard of doing a “kitchen takeover” gig for people – essentially, go to a person’s home to prepare food for a dinner party or cocktail party or backyard barbecue?
Are there people out there looking for this type of service?


I never heard of this type of gig.[quote=“dianenelsen, post:1, topic:147311”]
Are there people out there looking for this type of service?

Yes please, I hate to do kitchen work.:stuck_out_tongue:
But this gig isn’t going to work for you, I guess. I mean there are many restaurants,hotels,take-ways which people use for eating activities. I don’t think someone will invite you to his/her home for preparing dinner.
Btw what ll be the starting price of this gig? Would it be a world wide or for specific country to which you belong?


@anjylina and @dianenelsen There is a similar service offered by ‘Eat With’ and ‘Eat With Me’ (both separate companies) . They are more like underground services for people, tourists and travellers who wish to join someone at their residence or home for dinner. The person cooking the food takes a moderate fee in return for making a lavish menu. Sort of win win situation for both sides.

Your idea is good, but it’ll need some careful planning and strategy.


He/she is in USA while I’m in Pakistan.If I need someone to handle any party etc I won’t come to fiverr to hire someone from USA.This is the point i was trying to make.


I got your point in the first place. However, i was reiterating other possible aspects of this business. Obviously this doesn’t work across countries for now at least. Things can go mobile soon, seeing as how business is innovating and all.


it wll be best for your native city/ country


It would also have to be reasonably close to where you live.


It sounds like a great idea, but Fiverr is possibly not the best platform on which to offer a physical service.

As Fiverr sellers aren’t allowed to contact buyers outside of the Fiverr messaging service, even for virtual services, it would be impossible for you to do what you want to do without actually meeting your buyer.

Would it be possible to do something else which could be completed via Fiverr like event planning or menu creation? :slight_smile:


I used to watch a cooking show; Take Home Chef that aired on TLC with Australian author and chef Curtis Stone. He would hang out at grocery stores, and approach a random person, and offered to cook dinner, it was very entertaining. Great concept, but I don’t know how you would pull it off on the Fiverr platform. Share your gig idea with Customer Support to get their take on it.

A blast from the past