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Anyone ever recovered from excessive late deliveries?

Ahhh! I was so close to top rated seller criteria then I had a heart attack and got rushed into hospital and a LOAD of orders came up late. Like at least 20 :scream:

I realize now I should have given a one - two day buffer time on all of my deliveies, just incase an emergency came up and I would have time to get my affairs in order.

It’s not been career killer fortunately but my clicks and sales have tanked on a few gigs, directly after this incident.

Was wondering if anyone else faced many late orders at one point and managed to recover?

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That’s, yikes. I can’t offer advice, and the only situations similar I’ve heard of are just the standard ‘wait the 60 days out’, which doesn’t do much good. That’s a pretty rare situation, so I’m not sure if you’re likely to get an answer.

I do hope you’re recovering well.

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Oh my! I have noticed your posts on the Fiverr Forum and I was concerned something like this could happen. Please take care of yourself and try to stress less.

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Ah thanks! It was very scary! Healthy living and exercise from here on out :slight_smile: There’s an awful lot at stake for me in this so stress was naturally high. I’m kinda calming down now a month has passed and my profits have pretty much stayed the same. Although I should be earning more as a few of my gigs half halfed in clicks since the incident.

I’m satisfied with my earnings, if I just lose a few thousand a year because of this I can cope (which is what I’ve figured out from analysing the drop on my stats). I just worry of getting deranked due to low performance at some point. That and I may have sabotaged my top rated status. Top rated sellers seem to last much longer on the site than level twos D:

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Yes, I’m at 98 percent on my late delivery stats (it was 90%) so stats will recover. Wether my clicks and impressions will is another matter. I can cope with the drop, it’s just the worry of getting permanently deranked at some point due to the mishap.

And yes I made a full recovery thanks :slight_smile: and there was no long-term damage. It was just a freak incident due to some medication I was on for a hormone imbalance that caused my blood vessel’s to tighten and my heart to spasm apparently. Terrifying.