Anyone ever successfully changed their username?


I’ve ben informed that once you choose your username, you are pretty much stuck with it, so choose wisely. But I may have heard from the grapevine that it is possible to do so.

Well, now I sorta have username remorse, LOL. :slight_smile: I got the idea looking at something to do with Norse folklore that showed Americanized names in Icelandic and I kind of went with “Gwenhwyfar” As you can see I don’t look like Bjork =) But now I wish I could have erred on the conservative side more representing my brand, something like “Jenn_Writes” or “Jenn_Blogs”

Has anyone ever managed to change their username or is it more trouble than it is worth?

Thanks, enlighten me!


I actually haven’t heard rumors or real stories about anyone successfully changing a username without starting over from scratch. There are plenty of people who’ve been on Fiverr longer than I have, so I’m not doubting these stories exists. I don’t know if there is a shred of truth to them. You can always ask Customer Support (of course) but that’s all I have.

Edited to add: While I could see the value in a change for SEO reasons or whatnot, as far as your username look to me, I don’t think it’s bad. I’ve seen way, way worse. Yours kind of sticks in my mind as different, so I remember your profile due to your username and well-done profile picture. There are many I don’t recall because they are plain and repetitive. I don’t blame you if you want to change, but I wouldn’t worry about it if you can’t.


You sound Welsh.


I’ve been Miss Crystal since before fiverr was invented.

I like your user name.


I’m pretty sure you can’t. My husband wanted to change his username on here since creating a new profile means losing your reviews but couldn’t. I think it’s to protect bad sellers/buyers from running from a bad reputation. :confused:


Following this thread.


I understand. If it is more trouble than it’s worth I can let that go. And yes, most of my ancestors are from the UK-England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales =)

I am definitely going to try to download Google Chrome as soon as I can because I 've been having techie issue that aren’t getting any better (not major stuff-just annoyances…such as trying to make small changes or re-word my Gig Extras…Would you believe the “Extra Fast” option is gone? Well, at least In my panel, it is. What’s up with that?

I’m also wondering if I wouldn’t do better with the cover picture issue under Chrome…I’ve sort of given up and moved on past that, but no harm in seeing if a different browser would help.


Your extra fast option shouldn’t have disappeared, if it has then that’s odd and definitely contact Customer Support (but go to the edit gig page first to check that it’s definitely AWOL, it could be some weird glitch that turned yours off)

I really don’t think you can change the name, anyway. Fiverr has been a bit slow (or me!) lately, so you may be experiencing that, affecting your ability to change your gig details. I’ve certainly got very tired of waiting for tiny word files to take 5m to upload…if it is a Fiverr issue, then a new browser won’t help. But it will be useful for looking at gigs like a seller when not logged in (e.g. to check your gigs and how they look to others)

I think you have a nice name anyway, so unless you want to change it for SEO purposes, let it lie.


Chrome works much better here.


In my experience they’re the same. I just prefer Firefox for my average everyday usage.


There is a talk about keyword and nice name which is SEO friendly. But there is a disappointment. I think It can not be possible to be changed the username.


I usually prefer Firefox, but if I do run into problems, I find that using Chrome sometimes helps. I’ve heard Fiverr is optimized for Chrome, so my guess is at least that it might be the first browser they test in when they do new stuff. Otherwise, you should be able to use either.

One other thing that often affects people when Fiverr gets glitchy is that your browser can keep a cache of a page with a problem. When you think you have re-loaded by closing a tab or the whole browser, it still really re-loads the cache. I have to routinely clear my cache and cookies for Fiverr when something is new or goes wrong.

If you download a brand new browser (like Chrome) it won’t have a cache of Fiverr so it might solve issues at first. Even things like disappearing extras can be resolved that way. It won’t stick permanently, though, so no matter the browser eventually you might need to clear all that muck out again. It’s just a browser thing and Fiverr seems more vulnerable to that than some sites.


You are level 2. Many buyers knows you with that name… Even if you could change just don’t :stuck_out_tongue: I am stuck with mine as well but now there is nothing it could be done…
Even if you change it , you will loose old customers…