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Anyone Experiencing DROP of sale after this new Patch?

I don’t know if it just me but it started this late February 2017 i haven’t got any sale only 1 for this month not like the previous one which i average 20 orders a month.


promote yourself use br etc etc etc.


sorry what does br means?

I had my best month ever.

br is buyer request.

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It means “Buyer’s Request”.


It means Buyer requests

thanks for your reply

My sales are good- have you changed anything in your activity on Fiverr? How long have you been a member? There can be hot and cold times of the month depending on when you’re in the marketing rotation.

Yes, sales are way down for me to the point that I’ve had to sell some stuff on other websites. I’ve been updating my gigs and even added a few new ones, but no bites. Not sure what I’m going to do at this point.

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Can you please explain the quote in detail? Thank you.

Yes I think I can. If you look under your gig - and click on it - this opens a number of stats - like views etc. depending on where you are at in the marketing rotation your sales will pick up or slow down. Fiverr builds you slowly as you get good reviews and turn work in on time. Hope that helps.

Even though there is drop in sales, my repeat buyers are making it happen for me slowly.
I think I will have to send out more samples of my jingles and beats to high PR sites with music niche

Thank you Keith. I think you were on point with “the marketing rotation” expression. When you consider how the earth rotates; at certain periods, certain portions of the earth are towards the sunlight and at some other time, some other portions, previously without sunlight do get their turn with the sun. So that in all, every earth surface experiences the sun - at different times though. This, I think vividly illustrates how the system appears to work on Fiverr. I believe every Seller in turns, at pre-set periods is promoted/marketed on the platform and when that happens there’s boom in sales. I may not be correct though.

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Exactly - take a snap shot from my gig for example. You’ll see my gig views jump around a lot depending on when I am in the rotation for marketing.

I know how that feels, all I’m getting is repeat buyers.

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i have worked on Fiverr since the beginning of 2014 and i experienced that Fiverr do a lot of change of system. Every update on Fiverr will affect a lot to the seach ranking. it’s up and down every day.
Since a week ago, Search alogrymth seems to be changed again so some seller will see sale drop. Some best seller gigs are gone to somewhere but new-arrival gigs jump up to the 1st page :slight_smile:

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Well, wouldn’t it be boring if every day were the same? It makes life all the more exciting doesn’t it? :wink:

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hmm i think you are right now my gig not earning like before :frowning:

same here! Too bad… I thought this is a down season but I guess not! :sweat:

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that’s why i hate hearing Fiverr update, but we are doing business so we have to accept the truth :smiley:

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