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Anyone experiencing the gig counter bug?


As you can probably tell from the attached image, I have 4 gigs active, yet the letter “3” shows up.
Weird. Maybe I’m hallucinating.


Nope, You aren’t!
It always occurs to me too. Not only “my gigs” page but also analytics, earnings, etc. :frowning:

I have 35 five stars, one 4.7 stars.
still I see a 3 on analytics page :confused:


I created a topic about analytics page…


The gig counter bug happened to me when I deleted one of my active gigs. It got back to the correct number in a day or two.


@n4y33m - That’s not good at all. All these “bugs” definitely add-up.

@catwriter Thank-you for the heads up. I’ll wait several days to see if it automatically adjusts itself. My fear is that possibly one of my gigs are not in “their” search directory. Or maybe the number is just a number and doesn’t mean much. Who knows?