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Anyone facing low sale in last couple of months

Hi is there anyone who is facing low sales in last couple of month i have gigs more than 50k Impression but from last two month these are dead and just 1k impression. All order delivered good rating is good for all as well. I have tried every method to bring them up but not working yet .
I just discuss with some other friends who are using fiverr ,they are also facing it . Even 1 of them is top seller but he is also facing such kind of problem
Does fiverr change any searching algo
what to do to bring these gigs Up
many thanks

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I am also facing same problem. I have 280+ 5 star positive review. But not getting more orders from January 2019.

I am also facing same problem last month.

Check out this thread:

If you took the time to research the forum, you’d see that the answer to your question is yes.

I’ve seen at least three threads about this recently.

Same with many veterans sellers I’m also one of them all gigs on last page

So any idea how to get rid of that

Every month someone experiencing low sales. Every. Single. Month.

If you check forum regularly you’ll see it was the same topics in December, January, feb, March, April, May, June and now July.

It’s impossible for everyone at the same time to receive the same amount of orders :woman_shrugging: And it might be just fiverr again rotating gigs.


i am facing this from last 3 months

As I said, the information and insight is out there if you look for it. So look for it.

Yes there are many topics similar to it but incase you know the solution for this problem please post it here it will help many people.

I am also facing the same problem from last 2 months approx

Actually, reverse is the case to me this month, I experienced that 2months ago, but both last month and this month my sale increased speedily.

No. We are sick of seeing the same advice posted here hundreds of times after it is asked hundreds of times just because people don’t want to research and want the answers handed to them. It isn’t fair to inundate a forum with repetition.

Every successful seller has done their homework, not asked others to do it for them.