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Anyone from India who felt the Earthquake Today?

Share your story if it’s interesting . Here’s mine -

I was watching Prince of Tennis (anime) at that time on my computer and my mom was in the room , packing cloths or something. It’s a habit of mine to put my legs outstretched on the computer table when sitting on my chair to get more comfortable . Now I sit on those office chairs , which can rotate and are springy . When I lean back, due to the weight, a type of bouncy feel always remains because my chair is pretty old and in very bad shape! :D.

So today when I was sitting on it, at that time it was shaking to and fro and I felt kind of dizzy but I never imagined for a moment that there was an earthquake going on :)) . Somehow it occurred to me , that I was doing it on purpose, since I sometimes do it deliberately . I told my mom jokingly, 'Hey mom, look it feels like an earthquake !'

My mom didn’t answer (as usual :confused: ) . I felt , wow, I am leaning pretty far back now and I could fall any moment, so I adjusted my position and sat normally . Then I heard screams outside and there was an empty bottle on my comp. table which fell.

Suddenly I heard my father scream like hell outside , calling my name and my mother to just get the ■■■■ out of the home. Everyone was doing so too. I still had no idea what was going on and I thought maybe something caught fire lol . Then my father screamed about earthquake ~X(

I ran out with my mom , and then realized, that the ground really was shaking gently ! Talk about a joke turning into reality so fat . Scary shit man! #:-S Since I never experienced an earthquake before , I was more excited than scared! . It was pretty intense but nothing major happened as we were actually pretty far away from the epicenter . The earthquake happened in Nepal .

I just feel sad about all the people in Nepal who became became a victim or homeless today . Sad :frowning:

Please forgive me for any grammatical mistakes or anything .

Thank you.

I didn’t feel it but damn, 7.9. :-SS

Reply to @kay2809: Haha Yeah…7.9 in Nepal… Glad to be in India!

I feel sad reading about people in Nepal. Aggh, nature sure is scary thing.

I live in South India so I didn’t feel anything, but I’m praying for everyone caught in this disaster. :frowning:

I am from Nepal and situation is so bad here. Please everyone pray for us.

Felt about 2 or 3 earthquakes in my life but nothing as massive as 7.9. Was fortunate enough not to feel this one.

Hope a quick recovery and rebuild for all the damaged areas.

It’s horrible! The death count is still rising :frowning: