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Anyone from Serbia/Balkan?

Cao ljudi!!!
I will write on my bad English cause it’s not really okay to write something that 99% of people here don’t understand. So i just wanted to ask you how do you take your money from here and is it even worth of taking it before you have like around 100$? In Serbia PayPal and Payoneer are new thing for many people (including me😂)so I am not really sure which way should I pick for taking the money.
I would loooove to hear someone’s experience. Not only from people from Balkan. Thanks! Regards


I’m from Romania, 20 km from Serbia.
I use a Payoneer credit card and PayPal.

Heeeey, I was in Temisoara few weeks ago!:smiley:
How do you use both? I found some things on internet that says that PayPal and Payoneer do not work together anymore (so you can’t transfer your money from PayPal to payoneer). :confused:

Yes, I live in this region.
I use the Payoneer credit card in PayPal. I did not try to transfer from PayPal to Payoneer.

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