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Anyone get promoted to top rated after a few months of not being promoted?

I mean, did you get nominated for top rated… Not get accepted… Then a few months later during a monthly check get promoted.

I reached the requirments for top rated last month and havent been promoted.

Was just wondering if there is still hope… Has anyone been promoted to top rated further down the line after initially being denied?


Yes !
Top rated sellers are handpicked by fiverr team, So you won’t be autometically promoted to top rated after you fulfill all requirements but fiverr team will decide whether they want you to be top rated or not…

I was nominated almost 6-7 times for toprated but not got promoted and suddenly when I was wasnt even expecting I got email from fiverr that I am top rated !

So Yes there’s still hope and you can be promoted any time !


It isn’t like the other levels where you automatically get promoted because you meet all the guidelines.

It depends on your category, whether the Fiverr team is looking at those nominated in your category, and a whole lot of other stuff we probably do not even know about.


Hello Suraj,

What do you think that what’s the Most Important Factor that got you to the TRS.

Thank You So Much!

I can’t say what was it exactly, but I kept doing my part and I was promoted !
What I always take care of is communication with buyer, to know what he exactly want and try best to provide final product as much near as possible to his expectation !


Suraj, Thank you so much!

I’ve met the requirement of TRS and have maintained them for over a year.

The difference between you and me is obvious.

I haven’t started a thread on the Fiverr Forum moaning about not “becoming” a TRS “after all this time” because I’ve read the Fiverr ToS and I know it is by invitation only.

Am I upset, concerned, worried, freaked out, let down, ticked off, or depressed about not getting the invitation yet?

Not on your life.

Fiverr has a system.

I find it’s always best to let the system play out.

That being said, congratulations on reaching this point.

Don’t lose sleep over it, okay?

I wasn’t moaning though, I was just asking a genuine question. Please direct me to any point in the thread I moaned lmao. I’m not upset or concerned cos I know you don’t need to be top rated to make good money. I’d just be interested in knowing if there’s still an oppourtunity to get promoted after initially getting denied.

Thanks for the congratulations…

I was jerking you chain…lol

Seriously, good job!

Cool man, thanks lmao

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