Anyone Getting Immediate Cancellations By Buyers?


Hey Fiverr-oonies. Anyone getting frequent cancellations from buyers? I received roughly four in this week from Buyers who claim they “clicked order by accident”, or “needed to figure their projects out”. When I say “immediate”, I mean like they JUST ordered and then immediately decided to cancel.

What’s up with that? When I was a Level 2 seller, I lost my level due to cancellations like these (which weren’t my fault). I haven’t had this in a while, but I do not want to rack up high cancellation rates.



Here’s another one also just now. Read the submission message. Unbelievable…:


Yep. And right after our conversation, the person cancelled again!

Unbelieveable. And here is there message:

"I had put in this order because it seemed I needed a lot of extra’s from you to get a proper video. i will cancel and get back to you, taking all your points in consideration before ordering. have a great day!



This is definitely a scammer.


Yup I had 4 or 5 like the below yesterday.

Very annoying !


Hopefully not, but maybe they are actually doing it on purpose?

Not made any online enemies recently have you? :-/


Ozzie, I had the VERY SAME cancellation done a few days ago. This person ordered a gig, purchase ALL of the EXTRAS (came up to the same price), then immediately cancelled. The next day, someone ordered a gig and then immediately cancelled.

Ross, I hope not, but I will contact Customer Support about it again.


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Reply to @vedmak: The user who did that was banned after I reported it so looked to be a scam


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Yep. Here’s mine! Same amount $255. I get weary of stuff like this becauase of the consequences (even when it’s not our fault).

Glad to know that I am not the only one. Dios mio…


Interestingly enough, though this happened a few days ago, the same guy JUST ordered another one of my gigs with the max and let it sit (e.g. didn’t submit any information).

I am going to contact CS right away. This is nerve racking.


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Thanks so much for chiming in Oldbittygrandma! I spoke to Jenny and she told me to message the Buyer, and that they are watching this particular person.

It’s so good we have this forum to share information. As I said earlier, I’m a feel a bit comforted knowing that it’s not just me who is experiencing it.

Assuming that there is some foul play involved, it sucks that you have people who try to abuse the system and cause harm to others.

Let’s keep each other abreast on this situation!!


Here’s the new order. Happened literally just now.


Wow. This definitely sounds like a scam / hacker possibly. They probably have some way where they are not locking their funds in also.


You don’t think these “buyers” are competitors with different accounts? I mean the people they target are top rated sellers. Plus they seem to know that force cancellations will penalize the sellers? Besides, they can always dispute in Paypal to get their money back but doing so will get themselves banned from Fiverr and Paypal (if they dispute too many times)


Yeah too bad your guys can’t mark them as done, then they might stop fool around


It’s starting again. Just received an order from someone in Australia who wants to mail me a product to use in a video, but they ordered EXTRAFAST (2 day) delivery. They expect the product to go from New Zealand to the east coast of the U.S. in less than two days?

This is frustrating.


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