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Anyone got any good advice?


Ok so 1 week down and ive had 2 orders is that ok???

Just not sure whats classed as a good start :slight_smile: Im enjoying using fiver so far and I hope to make a succes of it. I was just wondering if people would mind looking at my gigs. I think they’re pretty good value I just wondered if people could look at them and let me know what they think :slight_smile: you don’t have to buy anything just interested as to what people think. Also you may be able to point out gramar errors as I’m dyslexic and my spelling and gramar can suck sometimes.

Thanks a lot in advance. Heres where the gigs are

Also if you add them to a collection ill do it back :slight_smile:


I’ve been at it for several weeks now and am down to 5 total. So yeah, it’s probably quit normal what with so many sellers on the site. I’ve added your gigs to the collection click my name and return the favor. Not sure if it will do any good but it can’t hurt either.



Hi and welcome.

Sure that’s okay. You could have had zero orders as many often do.

Be patient. It will take time.

Good luck! :slight_smile:


It took me two weeks to get my first sale and then only had two sales within the first three weeks but then it picked up and I am a level 2 seller in the minimum time of 2 months.

So your start is better than mine, hopefully it will eventually pick up for you.

I also see a bunch of people requesting a logo design.

Click on the sales button at the top then click on the link that says “Buyer Requests”. You should find alot to submit your gigs to.


2 orders in the first week is good and normal. I saw your gig and i you to write the gig description in brief so that the buyer can know how your gig is different from others, what they can expect if the service doesn’t meets the buyer requirements etc.


you could add video to all of your gigs make a slideshow with more examples or something add some cool music


I agree with Matt, you could add video of yourself explaining what the gig is all about. Spend a minute talking in details what buyers are expected from buying your gigs.

Another thing is to highlight your gig descriptions as this catches buyers attention from what i have seen. You’re doing great drawings, keep it up!


Reply to @smokey1871: Cheers ive done it back!


Reply to @voiceoverwork: Thanks :slight_smile: im not a very patient man lol but ill stick with it


Reply to @dr_joshua: Thanks ill have a look at that!


Reply to @matt_garry: ill try that a slideshow is a gd idea!


Reply to @candypie: thanks more good advice ill defo look at making videos.