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Anyone got this notification and what does it mean?

Hello Fiverr Family! Hope you all are doing well

I just got this notification. I really want to know what does it means. Also, tell me if anyone got this Notification.



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It’s been brought up in this thread: Fiverr Templates

You are not the only one to receive the notification, but I’m uncertain as to whether every seller received the notice or just a select group.

It is gig image templates offered by Fiverr itself in an attempt to assist sellers improve the visual image of their gigs.


So what we actually need to do with this. I’m a Level two seller and doing very well. Is this about the gig thumbnails? Do I need to change thumbnails?

It is not an order or demand to change anything about your gig, it is a resource that sellers may, if they want to, use.

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Thank you so much sir I really appreciate the way you solved my query.

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I think that Fiverr send this notification to those seller who are just getting impression but not getting clicks. They might be making group of those sellers and sending them notification. What’s your opinion sir…

Uhh, I think it might just be a blanket release to a certain level of sellers.

This month has been my best month on Fiverr yet, and even better than last month which was my previous best month ever on Fiverr, so I don’t think it was an in-depth analytical release of the notification.