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Anyone had any success advertising their gigs on Google Ads?

A month ago I had a couple of nice orders and decided to invest back a little bit on advertising my gigs.
My first intention had been to advertise on LinkedIn but the minimum bid for an ad there is over $10.
So I wasted $5 on a “promote your Fiverr gig” on Fiverr itself which, as expected, did not yield any results.
Then ended up running a campaign on Google Ads for 30 days with a $1 daily budget so I just got billed $30 from Google. The few orders I got in this last month were all from repeat customers from way back but I did get a few questions (3 or 4) from users that created their account in the present month so the ads may have worked somehow. But no sales from these few new leads. so my question is has anyone had any success advertising their own gigs on Google Ads? How about in any other paid service? Facebook? (I don’t think Facebook would make sense for what I offer)
Thanks in advance
PS please spare me the usual copy/paste “you need to improve your gig description yada yada…” thanks again


Sellers may not promote their Gigs or any Fiverr content via the Google Ads platform.

The above is from the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page.


WOW Thanks for pointing that out. Good thing I already stopped it.

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After glancing at your profile, I can indeed see why you don’t want any copy/paste. Unfortunately, you are far more senior than I as far as track records go.

I would like to know why you want to go with paid services, rather than scheduled self-promotion. Would you be willing to give me insight on that?

Also, are you a single freelancer, or a part of a team? (I understand that time/skill resources are likely a contributing factor.)

self-promotion hasn’t worked for me. it is obviously something I can’t do well so I would be happy to pay for it.
I may have to give Facebook a shot after all

Why not make a video to post on youtube explaining what you do? I think that would be the best money you could spend rather than facebook and possibly you could get someone on fiverr to make it for you.

That’s the only thing I would recommend. You will be wasting your money on facebook.

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yeah maybe Facebook is a bad idea, but if I do a video then I would be thinking about ways to promote the video…

I would only promote on FaceBook if you already have a business page there. Otherwise, yeah, not worth it.

As for ‘how’ to promote, have you looked into any of the Fiverr Learn courses on digital marketing? The social media content strategy course was offered for free for a bit, and if it still is available (and even if you have no intention of offering it as a service), it might help give you an idea of what to look for in a promoter.


Don’t try to promote a youtube video. Just post it and if someone wants info on what your gigs are about it may pop up on their radar.

So many stuck at home people are watching youtube now they had to lower the resolution of all their videos. At peak times the maximum you can see is now down to 720.

I think spending money on learn from fiverr courses it’s better than using them on fb or Google Ads.