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Anyone had his gig sent from 1st to last page and recovered?

Hello to all hard-working freelancers of fiverr! :smiley:

Wanted to share my experience and ask if people with same situation ever recovered from it.
I had my gig on first page for search terms “logo” “logo design” “business logo” and such, it lasted for month or two. I had several unpleasant experiences with clients which ended up as disputes/cancelation, you can say 10-15 is a lot but statistically it’s only about 5% of all order at the time.
So my order completion rate dropped to 94% and my gigs were sent to very last page of search even when searching for the exact name of my gig. ******* (I turned on local sellers filter so it’s easier to locate gig, otherwise I wouldn’t revenge able to find it).
As I noticed there are several more sellers in same situation like me, sellers that have sales on their gigs but are ranked at very bottom, behind many gigs with much lower ratings, no ratings at all, or lower ratings.

I understand my disputes probably had huge role in this but my question is, guys who were is such situations, did you ever recovered your place in search? After 60 days when order completion rate get’s back, (i still have some sales, here and there, from returning clients andones i bring), does it get’s back on it’s feets or i can forget about working on fiverr?


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It happens. However, keep in mind that where you see your gig placed is not where I may see it. Plus, every person that looks for it may see it in a different place as demonstrated by this thread.

@vickiespencer oh it deff isn’t where it was, for everyone. Screenshot_27

Well that is a big bummer! Another issue is that the Fiverr seems to be giving every gig a chance at the earlier pages. Plus, just under business logo category there are 30,619 other gigs.

I found I got more orders shortly after I raised my prices, it that helps.

The same problem happened around 12 july, and about for 1 week my gig was on the last page. Then around 20 july my gig got back on 1st page, but today it is on the last page again

Well I’m going into 3rd month with my gigs on very last page of search. Still, no one gave me a solid explanation of why this is happening.

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Same graph from 12 july, no one can explain this either. CS reacts like nothing happened