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Anyone has tips for my profile?

Thought why not give it a try, and get some feedback from the Fiverr Forum!


Oh I don’t have to worry about orders. I’m just qurious if there are some things I can change/improve.

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All looks good, i guess
Cool origami mouse!

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Your gigs are really cool and original!

Personally I’d spruce up the gig descriptions even more, but there’s nothing wrong with them as is.

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you should think about the key word again…and edit it after some days

Hi there, Nathan!

Lovely origami gigs. It’s nice to see younger sellers on here. If you encounter @bradencollins10 or @youssefkamel have a chat with them - great inspiration. :slightly_smiling_face:

I :heart: the :butterfly: gig. I’m an avid collector, so anything :butterfly: I usually buy. :stuck_out_tongue:

Curious do you offer digital images? Maybe create a gig for just images - you create the origami and then take a high res image. I’d be interested!


What do you mean with editing the key word? You mean the tags on the Gigs?

Hey, thank you Nika! I’m glad you like my gigs. I’m planning on making more gigs in the future, but still have to think about it.
I like the idea of offering high resolution images of origami! I can absolutely do that, since I both like origami and photography :grinning: I’ll think about it, though I’m not sure if people would be interested in it.

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Thank you Patrik, appreciate it!

Thank you! I’ll take another look at it, thanks for the advice!

Hello Nathan, I’m really glad that Nika mentioned me in here so I could check out your wonderful gigs! As @somaginer1996 said, they’re so original!

I remember when I was by the age of 10 I used to create origami, but they weren’t that good as yours. Not at all! :smile:

I just have a question regarding your gigs. Do you like create these origami & then deliver it to an actual address? Also, do you only deliver inside the Netherlands or are you able to deliver worldwide?


Thank you, @youssefkamel !

Yes, I do create and send them all over the world. Now you say this, I should actually mention in the Gig itself that I send everywhere :smiley:

I also helped a citrus company with designing ways to package lemons. This actually was a quite profitable project ^^


Your profile is very good…

Keep updating your Gigs & marketing your Gigs will helps you a lot !!

Yeah you should certainly mention that. What about delivery fee? I think you should have a part in your gig description or maybe a separate webpage created where you could link up with your gig description to show the delivery fees for each country that you deliver to or just a text that inform the users to contact you before ordering so you could discuss the delivery fee. I think that’s a good way to prevent order cancellation in the future as there’s those buyers who are only gonna pay the $5 mentioned & not an extra cent.
Have you ever faced a similar situation before?

Wow, I’m happy to hear that! Did you connect with them through Fiverr?

Okie Dokie! :sunglasses:

If you decide to do it, GREAT! I’d still be interested, even if you decide not to maybe you can send me a custom offer or something. Special order kinda thing! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m sure you’ll do well! I :heart: your positive attitude.

improve your gig description it should be professional and describe your services and packages in detail

The delivery fee is around $4,80 for around the world. In my opinion, it’s actually quite low :smile:
Also, people tend to not buy a $5 product. This is actually quite interesting. Normally people would only buy a Gig which is only $5. Before the big project with the lemon company, my average sale was around $13.60

About that company, they actually contacted me! I’ve no idea how they came up with the idea to visit Fiverr for their request, and to contact me for it…

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Sure, I would love to make an custom offer for you! Just contact me on Fiverr, and we’ll talk further there!

And Nika, I will definitely consider making a new Gig like that! I like the fact that I can combine the two, and the fact that I don’t have to ship the product somewhere!

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Thank you for your tips, I will take a look at all of them!