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Anyone has tips for my profile?

your welcome :slight_smile:

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Do you have tips on marketing Gigs?
I have a instagram account where I promote my profile, but that’s it…

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Hey, Nathan! :sunglasses:

I just wanted to swing by and say thank you again. It was a pleasure working with you from start to finish. I’m like uber excited about the finished product, :heart_eyes: you’re a talented young man. The origami you created for me is very lovely - like OMG. I wish you all the best here on Fiverr! :hugs:

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Nah thank you man. 1K followers is enough for now x)

It was a pleasure working with you, Nika! Thank you so much for everything! :grin:

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Hi, Nathan

It’s good to know that you want to share your skills. In this case, Fiverr is a great platform for you. In this platform, you can sale any kind of service and earn money. Fiverr is a great market place where millions of sellers are there to share their skills. You can also be one of those.

So, keep it up. Wish you ALL THE BEST.

Thank you,

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Thank you, sanjaysarmah :slight_smile:

Nice origami, I love the unicorn!

For the physically shipped origami, I´d definitely make a few pics with some stunning washi and offer a choice of some high-quality washi as an extra or even as separate, higher-priced gig, for example for the butterflies and some flowers, I imagine it might have more people interested than plain coloured paper.

I´d also make a separate gig for cranes, I think that´s what many people looking for origami would type in, it must be pretty much the #1 origami people know and look for. Also nice extras possible there, single crane in plain paper, crane in washi paper, several cranes, 24 cranes as an advent calendar, crane chains for weddings etc.

Probably (money gift) envelopes and boxes, may be good too, something for the people who are more for practical things and less for “only” decorative items.

Your actual profile text, I noticed “Send me a custom offer!”, this sounds a bit off to me, as we refer to “custom offer” as the offer you, the seller, sends to a buyer, perhaps something more along the lines of “Tell me what you got in mind!”, “Let´s talk about your idea/project!” or such?

And, of course, definitely try Nika’s hi-res pic idea, not actually having to ship stuff is a nice thing.

Good luck on Fiverr! :four_leaf_clover:


Now this is something that helps me a lot!

I immediately changed my profile description - you’re right, a custom is something I send, and not the costumer.

I absolutely love the washi idea, I’m surprised I didn’t come up with it ^^

And yes, I’m planning on making a crane Gig. I was thinking on making one Gig involving cranes, hearts and butterflies, but still have to think about it.

Also, I am planning on buying American dollars (I live in the Netherlands), and fold things from it.

Thank you again for the many tips, Mila! Appreciate it!

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Actually, that may be just great for those “fairy lights”, the thin silver/gold/copper coloured wires with tiny LEDs on them, you know? May be more something for one of the platforms that are focused on physical items though, like Etsy and DaWanda. If you aren´t on those already with your origami, perhaps you should take a look at them too, Fiverr probably works better for digital things like hi-res pics of (custom) origami and more business oriented stuff like the “lemon packaging gig” you scored. :slight_smile:

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I actually don’t use other platforms than Fiverr. Etsy Is just not working for me :slight_smile:

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I love the Origami stuff, here are my observations. I mean all of it in a good way, apologies, I am not the sugarcoder type, I strongly believe you learn from it if someone tells you the truth, instead of fake enthusiasm.

1-Is there demand for it? I mean, I love it, I know it takes a lot of time and skill to fold them, but in my past 40+ years, I was never in a situation when I said: “oh, I wish I had 40 origami butterflies” Maybe it’s just me, and people are super crazy about it, I just can’t see the demand.
2. You overpromise in the fold and send 40 butterflies. Title says 40, price says 5 dollars. I know, in small letters it also says from 5 dollars. Still, it seems clickbait, and I know a lot of people, including me, who sees clickbait, lose faith in that provider. (and I am also aware, that no one can possibly expect 40 butterflies for 5 bucks, including postage)
3. I love the consistency of images: Colorful origami on every pic, gives a good branding look.
4. You need to raise prices eventually. I know you are starting out and wants to get the ball rolling, it’s fine. But currently your hourly wage is probably below a McDonal’s worker.
Good luck!


Ah, that´s interesting to know, and a pity. I use DaWanda quite a bit, as a buyer. Perhaps look into that, since it´s a German platform and you´re in the Netherlands, maybe low shipping costs might be a factor.

Anyway, absolutely keep using Fiverr, it´s great here, but you already know. :four_leaf_clover:


Hey Fogi, thank you for replying!

Yes, I think there is actually demand for it. Maybe not specifically for folding butterflies, but folding in general. Of course, the demand for it is much lower than ‘logo designing’ or ‘website developing’, but keep in mind that the amount of people offering this service is also extraordinary low. I would like to be the first when it comes to this topic :slight_smile:

About that 40 butterflies for $5, maybe you’re right. Although I do have to say that when I didn’t have 40 cranes in the title, people wouldn’t ( I think ) buy it as fast as they would buy it now.
Now, the fact that I have 40 cranes in the title, instead of 10, is because I’m experimenting a bit with it. I think this is a great way of getting more knowledge about this kind of ‘tricks’.

I’m glad you like the consistency of the images! Thank you!

True, I have to raise the prices in the future. But what I’m doing right now on Fiverr isn’t more than a hobby. I do it, because I like the fact that people enjoy the folding, it makes people happy! And of course, earning a bit of money while doing this, makes it even more fun to do.
Haha, and I don’t mind that I earn less than a McDonald’s worker, but I am aware that that is the case here.

Thanks Fogi.

You know what, I will change it right away to 10, instead of 40. Let’s see what happens

I like your attitude…keep it up

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Thank you, sayeed…!

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you are most welcome…onepaperfold

You can check out this topic on how to make your gig more appealing, market better! I do hope you succeed, I’d love to see uncommon services being successful!


Thank you for the kind words Fogi! I will try my best! :slight_smile: