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Anyone have experience about special GIGs?


Hello peoples,
I just read some articles, blogs about Special GIGs and make some idea, but need consult with you.
So, I thinking about to make some GIG which will be special GIG for buyers. I mean to write all my skills, programs which I use, platforms in one GIG and give chance to buyers to make alone some Request.
I think that many buyers in some situations don’t know in which category he can find GIG for himself, and this will be GIG for many things.
Also, this GIG can be helpful for Sellers who have skills from many other sides (like me :slight_smile: ).
I hope so that someone can give good advice and comments about my first Topic.
Wish you a nice day for everyone!
Best regards,


If you market yourself as a general freelancer or a broker, you will have to build a reputation so people will know first what you do and then how good your services are.

The aspect of Fiverr that has been beneficial to me is the fact that I do a specific action over and over again. That makes it real efficient. Like you, I have many skills. I don’t market all of them on Fiverr. I market single products that use those skills. As I develop relationships with clients providing audio, I get asked often if I provide video services. I then send them a custom quote for their project. I don’t really have a video gig setup. I just don’t have the time to focus on it.

It takes me about 100 deliveries just to get my gig figured out. Changing intro videos sometimes 3 times. Overhauling descriptions. There is alot of time put into getting the offer just right. Every time I had a problem with an order, it was an opportunity to tighten up the details on the description.

Your current gigs will get off the ground after a bout 100 deliveries on each of them. You will see incredible traction at that point. You just have to figure out how to get those orders, complete them and get 5 stars.


Hello @landongrace,
I m glad that you wrote your experiences on my topic. This is so nice advice and explanation.
I think I will try with one GIG for buyers and try to give them the option to make Request that they like and need.
But, I will have your post in mind, thank you one more time.
Best regards!


I don’t really understand how the buyer will find your gig as you can only put it in one category and you can only have a limited number of tags?


Thank you for write @capitalquality!
Well, I need to explain a little more. I just have made 6-7 GIGs(you can check on my profile) and there are different categories.
So, now I want to make one more GIG which will have writen all my skills. Than, when someone try to find something not defined, they can try to make special request.
I thinking to put this GIG in Virtual Assistent category.
I hope that we could continue with advice, maybe we make some good idea. :slight_smile:


Oh! So what you mean is a gig that you can use for custom offers where your gigs don’t suit?

Try it and see.


Something like that. All my skills in one GIG. I will try for sure and we will check which is a result.
I will write about that for 10-15 days. Follow me. :slight_smile: All the best fro you @capitalquality