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Anyone have issues sending messages?

Okay , I don’t know what is happening , but I have one urgent project with seller. And messages are not working at all!? anyone have this experience


Yes, same thing here. It might be a platform bug then and I’m sure that they’re working on fixing it.

Yea, looks like we got bug again. For me app is working fine, can you try app ?


Yes it’s understandable but this is out of control , a lot of things went for nothing because of this issue, I have written my requirements for more then 35 minutes. What a joke!

App is not working for me.

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Yeh same here even modification deliveries are also not visible after the delivery

it’s a server overload, everything you send will show up with a delay, for me it was 15-20 min


Bad luck, I copied messages , and re send it, it works on 3rd attempts.

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Deliveries are glitched too


lol true. I just noticed it’s shown 3times :grimacing:

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Hi Everybody!

Hopefully the alarms are going off and tech is on the glitch.

As of 12:10pm Eastern I cannot send deliveries or messages.

Fingers crossed this gets resolved quickly! Be well!


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I was sending messages from phone and pc didnt work both …i hope they fix it fast.

Yes :frowning: same :frowning:

Yeah same here. They seem to be delayed somewhat, as a couple of my messages went through, but not at the time I sent them. My recent order delivery doesn’t show the uploaded file I sent either. Hope it’s sorted soon.

Yes same problem. App working fine but PC not working properly

Fiverr really have to improve their server… can’t communicate for more then 1 hours. Give us FIVERR FEE back!

I can see client messages but can’t send replies :frowning:

Yes, I am facing the same issue. I hope it can be fixed soon.

I can’t delete, report, reply, nothing to a message, neither from the browser nor from the app!

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Yes same not working