Anyone have trouble with establishing their cover picture?


I ran into this a lot earlier on…it really drove me crazy and wondered if anyone else had this problem. If this topic has already been covered, please accept my apologies for not doing my homework better :slight_smile: I would upload my photo and I would see the little handle thingys you drag, but my picture would not appear, like, at all; like it was just a ghost of my image. Kinda strange. I assure you I was well within the parameters of what is acceptable in a cover picture. I finally gave up, after three or four different qualifying photos…but I think I could benefit from this feature; I’d hate to just fluff it off as unimportant. I have good ideas and images, and I never cut corners with stock images or anything like that when I have creativity.

Anyone else ran into this issue of your photo/image just not showing up in the window part where you then drag it around with the handle tool. so it looks nice, centered and all?

And not to toot my own horn or anything but I am happy to say I have earned my first Badge here! Yay!

Oh, and one more important note: I had no difficulty at all with the Gig images. The “cover photo” issue gave me all the grief.


If you are referring to the photo at the top of the profile page, then it is not under our control.

It is based on your popular selling gig.


Oh maybe its the image size sorry to hear this maybe you can try another browser or try using another picture or better yet contact support. Congratulations on your achievement and good luck!


Reply to @kjblynx: I understand. If that’s the case, no big deal. It’s the fact that the image was not visible for me to move around so I assumed something was way off. In such a case I shall worry no more…thanks :slight_smile:


Thanks…yes I tried every size I could think of…


Hi @gwenhwyfar37,

One other (possibly silly) suggestion, along the lines of “did you try restarting it?” and “did you unplug and plug it back in again?” BUT - did you try reopening Fiverr in a different type of browser (Firefox / Chrome / Safari etc.) and doing this from the different browser? Every now and then I have issues with this type of thing and that seems to do the trick.

Just a thought. Feel free to laugh at my expense if this sounds totally ridiculous :slight_smile:


I also have Firefox in addition to the IE browser…That’s not a bad suggestion! I have switched over to Firefox whenever I have had minor annoyances like this and lo and behold, something came unstuck! Who knows…:slight_smile: