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Anyone having delivery problems?

Hi there,

For the last three days I’ve been having a nightmare trying to deliver my orders.

They show as delivered in the order timeline (not sure that’s what it’s called - the page where the order details, updates and deliveries show).

But the customer does not receive the delivery, the order remains “active” or “in progress”, it does not move into the “Delivered” folder and the clock continues to tick.

I had found a work-around - empty deliveries get through and somehow open up the system for a “deliver again” delivery.

So I’d send an empty delivery, then immediately send the attachment attached to a “deliver again” message which would reach the customer.

But now that’s not working any more.

Today I’ve had to send deliveries as attachments to “update” messages to ensure my buyers received them, and then send an empty delivery to close the order and move it to the “Delivered” folder.

So, essentially, I can only deliver empty deliveries!!!

I know this is not an idea solution as we’re not supposed to send empty deliveries, but it’s the only way to both deliver the order and stop the clock from timing out as undelivered. So, hopefully customer support will be understanding of my solution.

I thought this must be a system-wide glitch and I would come to the forum and see everyone up in arms that they are unable to make deliveries - but I posted yesterday in the “bugs” section and only two other people mentioned they are having the same problem.

It’s so frustrating, stressful, worrying and time-consuming not having the deliveries go through and having to constantly send messages to buyers to explain why I’m having to deliver in a weird way.

I’m very new to Fiverr, but my first dozen orders or so went through perfectly - these non-delivered deliveries only started a couple of days ago.

I’ve contacted Customer Support - they got back to me today saying it’s a problem that’s been fixed. I explained that I still have the problem!

I’ve tried logging out, quitting my browser, clearing my cache, using Chrome instead of Safari, none of it helped.

Do any of you old hands have any other thoughts or ideas?

And are there really just three of us out of the whole of Fiverr who’re having this MAJOR problem and not being able to deliver anything??!!!



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I am having that problem right now :frowning:
I tried several browsers already, I thought was my pc.

So sorry to hear you’re also having this issue - but also slightly relieved that it’s not just me.

The only work-arounds I found are those I mentioned above - basically sending an empty delivery to get the order to move to the “delivered” folder then delivering the order by attaching it to an “update” message.

Hope that’s helpful.

It’s not the right, or best, way but at least it stops the ticking clock and gets the customer their delivery - which are the things that matter most.

I hope you manage to get it sorted out before the clock runs down.

I’ve found this really very stressful - not to mention enormously time consuming.

Hopefully Customer Service will get it fixed for us, as there’s not much point to anything if we can’t do the most basic thing and deliver orders!

Do keep us updated on how you get on, and what CS say.


I sadly ended cancelling the work, it was actually delivered, like several times but yeah the time was running, I was 40 min left so I cancelled and I asked the seller to buy my gig of tips since I was having a glitch and the system didnt register my delivery.

I was confident because I deliver in the morning and was everything ok, this time I deliver with 2 hours remain and I tried for the las hour and a half everything… and I ended cancelling, hope the problem is not happening with all the gigs.

Oh, gosh, that is so frustrating. And such a time waster.

My deliveries also appear, from my side, to have be delivered - I sent one 20 times - but my buyers don’t receive anything.

Not being able to deliver is such a major and fundamental problem I can only hope it’s been worked on as a priority.

Fingers crossed!


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Yep. I had the same problem. Fortunately I delivered way before time and I had 5 days in hand when i delivered the gig.
And since the order automatically gets marked as complete within 3 days of the delivery, it was done before the actual time of the order ran out. So it kinda helped me.
But yeah, that ticking clock did make me nervous at some point. I contacted CS and they helped me to fix that bug.
The client marking the order as delivered also overrides the timer. So the quicker they mark it, the better.
Also it is not a recurring problem. I delivered orders after that and there were no bugs there.

I see that you guys are canceling order or your delivery time is finishing to deliver your order on time due to the problem that you were not able to send or deliver your file to your client, hence I have here a solution for you guys and hope it might help you in such difficult time.

1st : Whatever order file you want to deliver to your client please first make sure that the file format/name is correct ( avoid naming the file with these signs like : @ # ! % & ^ ( ) ? / < , )

2nd: If the problem still rises the same then try to attached your file in Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive use one of them as whatever easy for you and shear the downloading link with your client in fiverr message box.

3rd: Contact with fiverr customer service and tell them about theproblem you are facing as they will sort-out the issue and surely update you correctly.

Thank you…!

Ah - I hadn’t thought about asking the buyer to mark the order as delivered - that’s a great idea!


Thank you very much for this! I was becoming very frustrated. I saw on every browser on my PC that the delivery was made, but saw zero proof of it on my phone’s browser’s, and my buyer said they hadn’t received it. I definitely hope they fix this soon. It’s irritating that it’s still a problem after so many months. I would hate to have to go through this again, but at least I have a workaround, thanks to you!


Hello, my order is delivered to me by my seller but i can’t find it when i open the view delivery box. what should i do?

Hello, ask the seller to deliver it again. Send them a screenshot of what you are seeing for the delivery.