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Anyone having issues with Live Portfolio?


I’m wondering if this is just me or not. Lately my images delivered have not been showing up no matter what the buyer does. I often deliver a basic JPG with orders, the same size as a gig image, and they usually show up fine in my LP if I have it turned on. (I noticed that in PNG format they did not work when I started using LP.)

The last three orders I delivered all had delivery images and the buyers all said they did not attempt to uncheck or refuse the portfolio image. None of the images show up anywhere, though, after completion. Anyone else?


I’m not experiencing this issue. My latest deliveries all have the images displayed. (And were PNG files.)

I do know that it takes some time to propagate, but with your situation, if it has taken more than several hours, I’m guessing it’s a bigger issue.


I’m wondering that my old LP pictures are disappeared. Is there a limit for total pictures displayed on L.portfolio?


Yes, there is a limit, so it is normal for the oldest ones to scroll away. I’m seeing this issue on gigs that only have one or two, though.


The most recent one was not long ago, so maybe it is a propagation thing. The other two were on the same day, so it’s possible those were caused by a different issue. Thanks for the info, I just started using LP recently.