Anyone having positive experiences with social marketing Giggs?


I created so far 5 or 6 orders on Fiverr, just to test the waters. A linkbuilding gig, which has been done due in time and delivered what was promissed (Thank you!), a content creation gig, which took me 5 days of waiting for pure copy-paste content, which was “just coded” so it was copyscapre proof. And for the past 3 days I order Social media gigs. What I realized so far by the social media gigs (the 3 which I ordered) is that the sellers are no responding in time or delivering at the agreed time, or not delivering at all.

I track my metrics on GoSquared and G. Analytics, so I can see if my website has been mentioned on twitter and what type of traffic I receive. One of the sellers confirmed yesterday that he “delivered” but there was no tweet, no traffic from social media or whatsoever. The 2nd seller confirmed a few hours ago that he “delivered” and he will provide me google analytics (what!?) proof, including ■■■■■■ shortcode analytics… Still no twitter mention, no increase in traffic after the delivery. My only hope is the 3rd seller (which still has 7 hours to complete my express order) and based on our chat, he seems to be sincere. But if that fails, Ill give up on fiverr fully. Since this makes 35 USD spent without receiving anything from the gigs…

So, does anyone of the buyers have a positive experince with Social Marketing giggs at all?