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Anyone having problem to share profile or gigs on linkedin?

Dear Fiverr Sellers,

Today I found one error that is about sharing our profile or gigs on LinkedIn.
When we use fiverr social media sharing tools and select LinkedIn then our browser will open new window and loading and then giving us error like in the attached screenshot.

If anyone has already faced this problem and know how to solve then please help me out.

Digital Drivers.


Yes, I have the same error. Send this to CS (Customer Support) and hopefully they will fix it:

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Thank you for your prompt response. YES, I did same and waiting for their response. :blush:

Nice bug find. I have the same problem also send a support ticket, so they can fix it asap.

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I have shared screenshot with them and waiting for response.

Same here. I thought it was a driver’s problem on my computer…
I guess not then…:sweat_smile:

Actually, I found solution and that is share the gigs from mobile fiverr applications and with your fiverr gig image.

I contacted CS before 10 to 15 days ago, They told me that “We are working on it and we will update you soon” and then close my ticket number.

Then there is only way to fix it it by contacting support team. :slight_smile:

Okay. :slight_smile:

did you found any solution of that ?

No, Still there is not response and solution…

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