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Anyone having trouble making WITHDRAWALS today?

My balance is a bit beyond my “comfort zone” for leaving in my Fiverr account, so I went to withdraw to PayPal as per usual. Unfortunately, despite clicking the withdrawal link (and receiving the usual confirmation that it had been executed), nothing has hit my PayPal account. Very weird, and a little concerning! Anyone else experiencing this currently?

still nothing today, it’s just stuck there at "withdrawal in progress"

dammit i need my money!

Yeah same here, I just went to withdraw and it didn’t work, so I went back to the email and clicked the link again and it said it was processing - really weird, as it normally goes pretty much straight away :confused:

Usually this is some sort of technical issue on Paypal’s end and gets fixed quickly.

Reply to @misscrystal: that’s a relief to hear - thanks for letting us know!

Same here, basically my withdrawal hasn’t gone in yet.

welp, still nothing. any updates mr david388?

Reply to @jakedge317: Nope - I’m going to just stick with the sage wisdom of @misscrystal and forget about it for the night :slight_smile:

Looks like i’m gonna have to do the same.

sucks, but, what can you do?

I transferred to paypal at 4pm and it worked fine.

Reply to @landongrace: hey Landon, thanks for the heads up!

Still no luck for me

Me neither, stuck on "withdrawal in progress"

this all started when I clicked the confirmation link and the link crashed. now this delay is really getting problematic for me.

Hello, May be this a technical issue and it will be resolve shortly. for further details you need to contact with customer support. Support team member will be definitely help you :slight_smile:

Still not working on my account either. Also saying on my main profile (but not Analytics page) that my last delivery was 3 days ago, when in reality I make several deliveries a day. Bugs like this are the reason I tend to make regular withdrawals in the first place … lesson learned (again) :wink:

Mine still isn’t working, so over 24 hours now and I can’t get out the extra money that has since cleared from my original withdrawal request yesterday.

I have contacted customer service but heard nothing back yet :frowning: Does anyone else have this problem? I would really like that money!!

I recommend to all with this problem to call Paypal and explain the problem to their customer service department. You can find their number by doing a search for Paypal phone number.

Sue or anyone else, have you gotten the email from fiverr saying your withdrawal was successful?

Reply to @landongrace: I also transferred to Paypal today at 830pm CS time with no problem. Start a CS ticket if you havent yet.

The balance is still showing in my fiverr account (along with more funds that cleared today), so I can’t see how contacting paypal is going to make any difference :confused: I do not yet have the withdrawal successful email only the withdrawal confirmation email (the first one).

I really doubt that they would let web guys have control of finances. There is probably a a disconnect with some screen code. I have noticed code to be buggy sometimes specific to an individual account. It’s like they can reset your site software individually if they need to and it will sometimes fix quirky things. Kind of like Comcast resets my cable box? It would also be wise to implement new changes only in sections of accounts at once, that way if bugs are there is is not as wide spread. Lord know they make changes daily to the function of the site, trying to make it better. But what do I know. I just work here.

I have seen alot, wrong monthly totals, and other incorrect indicators. I even had an amount in my available balance that was astronomical one time for a few hours. But I have never seen the physical accounting to be anything but rock solid. And I watched it like a hawk for the first 12 months. Like you, also afraid that if I left some in there, I might lose it.

I am very comfortable with the system and feel that it is sound.

We usually have a few hundred dollars at stake, Fiverr has a whole lot more at stake and I think they will do what is necessary to keep it sound.