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Anyone having trouble with Star Ratings & Android APP

I think there is a problem with the new fiverr star rating system and the fiverr android app.

With the app, positive ratings get just 1star rating by default.

I contacted customer support on this matter. It was unsatisfactory & wanted to know is it just me or anyone else having this problem.

You are not the only one.

I just saw another seller posted a screen shot of a review of “Excellent work” then 1 star.

Thanks for the info.

I wonder when they will correct the mistake. Can’t afford negative feedback on my new gig. Sales went from 10 to zero in just two days.

OK. They have fixed the issue. Thanks fiverr!

App is not at all good :frowning:

App may or may not be good …but the ARS rating system is the absolute worse.

PLEASE buyer’s refuse to rate. And sellers join us on the July 1st vacation day from fiverr.