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Anyone having trouble withdrawing funds to PayPal?

I attempted to withdraw funds to PayPal. Everything went as it normally does. I received the email link. Clicked on it as usual. Then minutes later I noticed the money had not arrived in my PayPal account. My balance on Fiverr was still showing the same as it was before I attempted withdrawal. I attempted to withdraw again and received the message that I had exceeded the amount of withdrawals for the day so I could not get my money. Has anyone experienced this?

I withdrew my money today and got it within no time. No issues here. Give it the day, and if you don’t get it by day’s end, I’d message CS to find out what’s going on.


Wait 24 hours. If your situation is still weird contact Customer Support.

Did you get the email message “Your withdrawal was successful?” If so it will arrive eventually. Sometimes Paypal is to blame for this. One time I had to call them when the money didn’t arrive in my account and they said they had some difficulties which were soon corrected.