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Anyone Hearing Back From Support?


I’ve been scammed by a seller but I just submitted my third Support Request in 8-9 days and have never heard back from anyone in Support (to be fair, I never heard back after the other two; I just submitted a third one). Is anyone hearing back from Support? I’ve checked my spam folder. Zilch. I’ve submitted it in Chrome and in Firefox just in case there was a browser issue.

Anyone else having an issue with getting Support to respond? :-/


Voila! I did not realize customer support requires a whole different system to log into. Thought being logged into was enough. Greatly appreciate your help. Request submitted. It’s up to the Fiverr Supreme Court now.


They’re actually pretty quick. I’ve always had an answer within 2 hours!


Hey there,

how quick will they respond when you used the “Resolution Center” menu? It’s been days, and I haven’t receive any respond. Not even a respond, making me aware that they received such help request.