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Anyone help me in my Gig


I am a Level two sellers. I am very worried about my gig because of not receiving the order yet.
I am not asking how to receives order but Please help in Gig. }
Can anyone expert tell me gig faults?

Here my Gig link or


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Under “Why should you hire me” it says “100% Manually work”. Maybe that should be “100% manual work”?

Maybe change the sentence “I am a professional in Vector tracing, recreate, modify your logo into a vector in high resolution with a transparent background.”. eg. you could say you’re a professional or expert in vector tracing and then describe what you do in the gig.

I’m not sure it should say “24/7” available since most people aren’t available every hour of the day, 7 days a week.

In the FAQ section:
One question says “Can I delivery wmy work in 1-2 hours?”. Maybe that should be “…my work…”.


Thank you soo much!!!

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