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Anyone help me please!

I joined Fiber 25 days ago but so far I have not been able to find any work.What should I do in this situation?


You are not alone is all I can say.
One thing I have observed till now is that literally every single gig has fierce competition. You will always find someone doing like 1000 orders per month for the same kind of gig and everyone orders from that seller only. Why? Because he is a goddamn veteran walking on earth completing orders like a ninja. He has a proven track record of doing it well and also providing it at a very affordable price. I don’t blame buyers because even if I was in their shoes I would give it to the expert because if my little money can buy even the best of the best why not!
So you see its like opening up a fried chicken shop in front of KFC. Are you gonna get customers? Nope. But what if you provide ultimate taste at the same price or maybe the same quality with even lesser price or maybe more quantity at the same price? In all the above conditions people will start turning up at your restaurant. Thats what you need to do my friend. You need to provide $1000 worth of work in those $5 at the start. Thats because you are building your customer base right now you are not working for pay.

Check out: New Sellers … Success Doesn’t Come To Those Who Wait! for how to get work.

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Thanks for your inspiration feedback .
I understand where my problem is and where I need to improve.