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Anyone help me to improve my gig?

My gig
impression going down day by day. can anyone help me to improve this. thanks

From what I see your gig looks great. Are you posting daily to buyers requests?

Also try to take advantage of having more gigs, for wider audience and niches.

This one could use a better description. :slight_smile:

Good luck

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Here is a perspective from a client that doesn’t have a clue when it comes to websites :wink:

  1. Your Gig title might be too specific. " Will Make Your Website Design Live With Elementor Pro"
    Consider keeping it simple so potential clients who are not tech savvy can find you.

  2. I don’t think you need that video for your gig. It’s distracting. You should focus on an awesome gig image. Or do a gig video portfolio of sites you have built. ( you want those clients to click on your gig)

  3. Your gig description and introduction needs a bit of work. You have a few mistakes in it.

Love your tag line :+1:

Hope that helps a bit. Good luck.


thanks a lot. I’ll try to follow your advice.

thanks. It’s my pleasure that you read my gig and watch video, I’ll try to improve it.

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