Anyone here whose sales dropped after being nominated for Top Seller in 2018?


After applying for Fiverr Pro and nominated for Top Seller, my sales dropped. I haven’t gotten any orders from new clients this November. Only those from existing or previous clients. And I don’t know what’s going on. My rates now are all 100% but nothing has changed. I see that many new sellers rank higher than me who has finished lots of orders and with excellent rating in my category. I’ve already made changes to my gigs but nothing changed. What can you advice?


Can you tell me what you mean by “nominated for Top Seller” please? You can try creating new gigs and updating your tags as well.


Are you doing any marketing? Fiverr does not guarantee sales, so you’re going to have to work hard to find, capture, and earn them. Marketing is a good way to do this.


What do you mean you were “nominated for top seller in 2018”? It’s still 2017. And you are level 2.

Applying for Pro doesn’t nominate you for anything.

I wish I knew the answer to your question.


@lastay Once you’re qualified for Top Seller position, Fiverr will notify you. Fiverr will nominate you for that level. They, I think, manually select people for that position.


@jonbaas I lack marketing. I will do that now. Thank you. But it is just unjustifiable to give sales to new sellers than to someone who has helped the site so much for years.


Don’t they just make you that? Now they notify you before they make you that level?


@misscrystal If you quality for Top Seller, Fiverr will notify you. Fiverr will nominate you for that internally. They manually select top seller candidates or nominees, either way. And yes, applying for Pro doesn’t nominate for anything.


You’re welcome.

I don’t recall saying anything about giving special treatment to new sellers. I actually advocate the opposite – new sellers working hard to become veteran sellers. :wink:


Why don’t they just go ahead and make you that?


@misscrystal yes they will notify you about that and then you’d have to achieve & maintain criteria for that position for a certain period so you can successfully qualify. In my case, my evaluation for Top Seller would be January next year.


They should not allow their veteran sellers with no new sales or new buyers. Otherwise, they might consider transferring to other platforms.


Thank you. I still don’t see why they would notify someone and not just go ahead and raise them to that level like they do for other levels but who knows.


If Fiverr is going to be fair – as they clearly are working towards – then veteran sellers shouldn’t have special treatment for sales either. ALL sellers should earn their success – veteran and rookie alike.


It sounds like what you mean is that you currently meet the listed level requirements for TRS and hope to be promoted on the planned January 15 evaluation. Actually, the items listed in your level stats are all based on automation, so they don’t imply a nomination.

Unless a Fiverr staff member has contacted you directly and given you some kind of direction information about TRS, there would be no way to know right now how they plan to handle any manual promotions in January. If you did get something specific from staff about being nominated, that must be something new. :slight_smile:


If that were the case, what incentive would there be for new sellers to join the platform?

I can imagine the ad campaign - ‘Join Fiverr and be a do-nothing-er’! :slightly_smiling_face: