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Anyone in here with overload video explainer gig?

Hello Everyone,

I am looking forward to helping anyone on here with overload whiteboard video animation, i will gladly do the Job as swift as i can because i am new on here and i am willing to join in hands with anyone that falls in this category.

You may request for example of my Job before you approved me to work with you.

Thanks in advance.


I’d like to see some samples of your work!

I do have more orders than I can handle right now, but you really need to have the same style as mine for me to be able to share work with you.

This post belongs in “My Fiverr Gigs” not in "Tips for Sellers"

And you need to put a sample of one of your videos into your gig like all the other whiteboard animators. A possible buyer should not have to request a sample, you can upload videos into your gig so start with that.