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Anyone interested in my services?

Hello i have a few gigs to offer on my page, would anyone be interested in starting my business ?

Hi Ioanna

you have interesting Gigs. I suggest that you add Gig-images as samples and a Gig-video to each of them. Especially the voice-over one needs samples. If people can’t hear your voice, they will probably not order.

I am telling you that because my very first Gig and a very successful one when I started on Fiverr, the one that acyually gave me my first Level, was voice-over in English and Greek. I have to pause it often though since I travel. But I don’t mind to offer tips to the “antagonism” :smiley: So if you don’t want or can’t upload a Gig-video for that, the next good option would be to make a soundcloud or a youtube sample channel for your voice.

You will see how your Gigs will (at least) rank better with a video.

all the best :slight_smile: