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Anyone is there who didnt any order yy

I have used the Fiverr for 1 month, I did get any order. anyone know about it. please help me get order

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Try sending offers to buyer requests. Try refreshing the BR page a few times a day if you don’t see any or any you can do well.

Your logo gig’s title says “design proffesional logo for your with in 1 day” - You could alter the spelling of that and that might help.

Also your text under your profile name is “my aim is to communicate proper with custumer” - I’d probably change that too eg. spelling/grammar.


are you a logo designer

Your english is quite bad, your not alone. am graphic designer too. my software is a potable version of photoshop cs6. came here in february and didn’t made one cent , even though am talented, people ain’t buying from me. I had thoughts about quitting again and all of this no order thing was really hitting me hard…I mean with all that competition out here on fiverr, its so hard to get an order…been taking my talent to motion graphics since this lockdown happen but, I don’t have the software and smooth pc for that.

Look, here is the thing: it was already tough to compete as a freelancer in the oversaturated market of talent. And right now it’s even more tough especially if you are just starting. With this lockdown and people loosing their jobs everyone suddenly turned around and decided to work on fiverr or other freelance platforms which caused, I would guess, at least 30% more people trying to get order in last 2 months.

I would guess you also joined fiverr because of the economic situation and lockdown?
Well, bad news, you were not the only one :woman_shrugging:
Even in normal times we saw 20+ posts every day on the forum asking how to get orders. But there is no magic pill. Just opening a gig and hoping that orders will come through is a bad strategy. Do marketing, chase leads, do market research, send offers for buyer requests. freelancing involve a lot of work and by that I don’t mean work only on orders, I mean a lot of work to get orders.

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yes, i am a logo designer