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Anyone know about (?up_rollout=true)?

Hi Everyone,

I want clear about this change on profile URL (?up_rollout=true).
Why Fiverr use this extra link on profile URL

Can anyone explain me what is the main reason and can I get any benefits from these things?



No one can explain.

I asked fiverr from few years ago.


I found this which has some clues possible although I’m not a programmer and don’t know what it means:

This also was asked before here:

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That is a query string . in this case. You can see force_buying_nav=true
when we click on this " " link we can see the buying option with the old navigation bar .And that is forced url …
and this "" means it will show your profile as seller mode Without the old navigation bar(buying mode).

Those are used to switch the mode of your account …And we do not have any benefit with these… And as I have already told those are forced url, we can not bypass it .That means we have to use those…


Fine, Thanks. But I want clear details.

Lovely :+1:
Thank you so much for clear details.

Why? What does a change in Fiverr’s URL have anything to do with your Fiverr activity? I don’t see how it will affect you in any way. :thinking:

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Actually nothing happened. But this is new things for me. So, I have rights to ask about this types of changing or modification.

New code is released to the inactive environment, where it is thoroughly tested. Once the code has been vetted, the team makes the idle environment active, typically by adjusting a router configuration to redirect traffic.

They made a change to the seller profiles so this is what they use to redirect to the new configurations. That is a redirect code to a new page source.