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Anyone know how the "8 offers left today" works?

I have just started getting into offering gig to buyer requests, and found that I only have 8 opportunities a day. Does anyone know how this works? Is 8 the max (since I’m a level 2 seller)? Would it be more if I were a TRS or if it’ll increase with the more sales I complete?


The number of “offers left today” differs from level to level. If you don’t have any level (my case) you can only send 1 offer per day. I couldn’t find the exact number of offers for each level, only that you get more as you advance.

Hope this helped you.


Darn, so as a level two, I’m stuck with 8 offers unless I get lucky enough to become a Top Rated Seller. :smiley:

Thanks much for providing a different level view, at least now I know!

Hey Starla,

Would you mind explaining how you are able to send 8 offers per day? As far as I know, level two sellers are only able to send 5, while level 1 sellers can send 3 every day.


Reply to @danielzo: It may have something to do with the positive rating. Just a guess.

Yea how do you get 8? I have nearly 100% rating and also only get 5

Me too. Regardless of this, I still remember having 5 offers per day as a level 2 seller with 100% rating.

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Not quite sure if it was a glitch, but the day I started this post, it said “8 offers left” but today it says “5 offers left.” Not sure if I did something different that day! If it does pop up again, I’ll try to recreate the issue

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Can we check the no of offers left today on the fiverr app?