Anyone know how to add gig extra onto an order that's been placed?


Sorry to bother you guys in the chit chat thread. I placed my question in the FAQ, but no response. Just checking to see if anyone could be of help here. I’m trying to help a client who is trying to upgrade their order with one of the gig extras after they’ve placed the order. I know it’s possible, because other clients have been able to do so in the past. I’m just not sure how I can be of assistance in directing her how or where to add the gig extra. If anyone could let me know as soon as possible, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you :slight_smile:

Note- I’m just talking about adding a gig extra after the order has been placed, not marked as complete. - See more at:



If the gig is still open (you haven’t delivered and it’s complete) your buyer should be able to go into the order they placed and click/check the Extra they need. You should get an email wit the headline; “Fiverr: Congrats! [buyer name] just ordered an Extra.”