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Anyone know how to get more impressions and clicks

I’m sharing my gig on Facebook / twitter. but not increased impressions and clicks. If you have more experience can you help me? what is the best way of social media sharing?

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Social media is generally a waste of time for promoting Fiverr Gigs.

What will help you most is to have attractive Gig/Profile photos, a strong Profile and Gig Descriptions that make sense.

With the proper keywords your Gigs should appear in searches by Buyers and that is the best you can do.

It is still up to the Buyer if they like what they see and read in your Profile/Gigs.

Good luck.


thanks for sharing your experience with me. can you visit my gig and tell me what should be changed? I haven’t lots of experience with fiverr.


You are charging $5.

You are offering Unlimited Revisions, 24/7 Support and 100% Customer Satisfaction.

All of these things spell “scam” or “poor quality” to some Buyers.

Here’s what you do:

Increase your price to at least $10, or $15.

Delete the mention of Unlimited Revisions.

Delete the mention of 24/7 Support.

Delete the mention of 100% Customer Satisfaction.

Now your Gig/Profile looks more professional.

Don’t use terms that sound scammy.

Unlimited Revisions, 24/7 Support and 100% Customer Satisfaction are those kinds of terms.

Good luck.


Thank You for your Right Information.